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Starting with WHY.

I chose to become a wedding planner because I saw a need. I saw a need for organization. I saw a need for a resource. I saw a need for inspiration and design. I saw a need for help.

Organization: With so many wedding vendors moving in so many directions, there needs to be someone who knows where each vendor is going and is making sure they are all working together.

Resource: When a bride is first engaged, the to-do lists are overwhelming and the pages of vendors on each wedding website is endless. Though there are reviews, a recommendation goes even further. Having a recommended vendor that someone knows, likes and trusts takes so much weight off a brides shoulders. Plus a wedding planners recommended vendors can often offer specials to a wedding planners bride and groom.

Inspiration and Design: This is my favorite part! With so many Pinterest ideas and so many styles pulling each bride in many directions, it’s hard to narrow things down and make a decision. From color palette selections to creating a wedding style that brings the bride and grooms personalities together, providing inspiration, designs and an out of the box view is essential.

Help: A bride could be finishing grad school, trying to juggle a new job or just not be into wedding planning. Whatever the reason, I want to be there supporting each bride and groom each step of the way with whatever help they may need. I want to be a listening ear, a sounding board, a mediator, a go-to girl,  a voice of reason, a resource, a friend, and for me personally, a designer as well.

I chose to start wedding planning four years ago. I didn’t think anything would come of it, I just saw a need. A need for timeline creation that would allow brides and grooms to enjoy their day and get the most out of each moment and memory. A need for color palette direction when the color wheel started spinning out of control and became overwhelming. A need for a resource when friends were not around. Lastly, a need for someone to fill in the gaps when the bride and groom, guests and family needed to be in the moment and enjoying the wedding day.

As my second post on this blog, I am starting with why. Why this all began and why I chose to pursue a second adventure.

As a wedding planner, I look forward to serving each one of our couples and artfully creating timeless weddings for couples who are overjoyed about their upcoming marriage and overwhelmed by planning.