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I’m starting this post as one of thousands and as I think of all that this new venture can be, I’m in tears. This has been 4 years in the making and so many things have lead me to this start. It’s crazy how many confirmations I have had over the last year, but I believe the main one was last winter.

I had been trying to come up with a “second thing” as a wedding photographer. So many photographers host workshops, take on graphic design clients, start a calligraphy company etc. I was searching for my own “second thing” and though I can do all the things listed, not a single one made my heart sing while doing it. So many friends and family have suggested I start officially wedding planning but I just couldn’t wrap my mind and heart around it.

Finally last winter, after much prayer and much frustration, I gave up. I told God that I was done trying to find my “second thing” and that if being a wedding photographer was over then that was ok. Thankfully, wedding photography for Aaron and I is NOT over BUT opening this wedding planning company has been added. It’s my “second thing” but this one, makes my heart sing even more.

For those that are our Jackson Signature Photography bride and grooms, you know that wedding planning has been in your wedding photography packages. I have been wedding planning for our Jackson Signature Photography brides and grooms for 4 years. This time, wedding planning is now it’s own separate thing. Welcome to Joy Filled Occasions, I’m now officially a Greensburg Wedding Planner for couples who are over joyed about marriage and overwhelmed about bringing their wedding dreams to life.

Over time, I’ve played florist, I’ve set up full receptions, I’ve played DJ, I’ve run catering, I’ve planned over 100 timelines, I’ve organized vendors, planned and executed two small weddings and so many more things. Now it’s time to turn all of that into something. I am thrilled to be able to now offer all of these services and more to any bride, not just our Jackson Signature Photography brides. Not to worry, JSP brides, the wedding planning in your packages is not going anywhere.

Welcome to the start of something new yet old at the same time. Thank you all for you love and support over the last 4 years. Thanks to you wonderful friends and family, I have the confidence to launch my second passion.


Tiffany  { Owner of Joy Filled Occasions a Greensburg Wedding Planner & Designer}


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