Finding Joy In Floral Design | Behind the Scenes

When did floral design start? Well, that’s a good question. While floral design wasn’t ever anything I thought I would add to my list of skills, I have fallen in love with it.

It did not take long to find joy in floral design, it sort of just happened. There is something about taking lovely blooms and greenery, that by themselves are lovely, but once curated and placed together look simply stunning! Then you take those lovely floral creations and add them to the rest of the decor and you have the finishing touch.

Over time I have worked to learn how to create bouquets, boutonnieres, table pieces and anything else that you can dress up with flowers. I have taken classes, learned from the pros and studied up on the art of floral design. While it’s not something I do for every wedding, it certainly is something that had been a huge help to our brides on a budget.

One of my favorite and most challenging floral design moments was at the wedding in California. You can read all about that wedding in California HERE.

Now that I’m working on blogging more on here I will be able to share more of my floral designs over the last two years.