When Do I Book Vendors?

When do I book vendors? Sound like something you would like or have typed into Google? Well, not to worry. Today I am going to share a secret about when to book your wedding vendors.

California Wedding Adventure

Book your favorite vendors first. Have a vendor you have been following for a while and you love their work? Reach out to them before you book anyone else. Even it is a few people, that’s alright. Learn their availability and work with them so you won’t be disappointed later with they say they aren’t available.

When you inquire, let them know you love them and their work. Even if you’re not ready to book them and you are just info gathering, REPLY. For the love of donuts, coffee and pretty flowers; please reply to them. I know you are in the planning stages and you might not be ready to commit to them yet, but still let them know you got their email and thank them for taking the time to get back to you.

As you hear from each vendor you love, then start to choose who you love the most and might change your date for. I know a venue is a big thing so they might be vendor your change your date for. What if you ADORE a certain photographer’s work and the venue? Work with the venue and the photographer and see if there is a date that works for both of your favorite people.

If all else fails, ask the already booked vendor for a referral to a friend or for someone who’s work or style is similar to theirs. Chances are they know some other great vendors that will take wonderful care of you. Most vendors are happy to help you.

Happy vendor booking!