Wedding Table Decorating Tips

When you think about the main focal point of a wedding what is your first thought? The bride and groom right? What are some important things the couple spends money on for themselves? Dress, suit, hair and makeup…

You see where this is going right? Well, what if I told you there was a part of weddings than can be a main focal point but it usually falls flat. Drumroll please, it’s the head table or the sweetheart table. You might be wondering why that would be a focal point so before I go any further let me explain why that table is important.

Here are some of the events that happen in front of that table:

  • Toasts
  • Dinner kiss photo
  • Detail photos
  • First Dance
  • Parent Dances

Out of all the places in the room, most of your main reception events happen right in front of the head table or sweetheart table. So when you are considering decorating, jazz it up a bit. If you would spend money on the main focal point of the whole day, why not spend a little on the main focal point of the reception room?

If you have a head-table, they usually come with white linens. Consider adding a splash of color to the section of the table where you and your hubby will sit. Maybe try a round table for you both in the center and a long table at each side. That way it’s still a head-table but it’s a little bit private for you both.

While the head-table can be lengthy and sometimes awkward, work with your florist to create an eye catching look. Maybe even add a variation of the centerpieces spastically to the head-table.

If you are opting for a sweetheart table, bring your bridesmaid dress color to the table cloth or add two unique chairs for you and her hubby to be. Consult your florist again to bring in fresh florals or greenery as well. Maybe even some romantic candles or a unique place setting.

If nothing else, consult your wedding planner, that’s what they are there fore. Happy planning and reception table decorating!