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Who sets up the wedding reception? This is a common question among our brides and there are many answers.

– Your wedding planning company

– The catering team

– The venue coordinator and team

– You and your bridesmaids

– An assigned family member or friend

– Your mom

Setting up the Reception, Joy Filled Occasion Wedding Planning Tips

These are just a few of the answers is to who might be setting up the reception. However, for the most stress free wedding day, I would suggest making sure you know who will be taking over this roll prior to your wedding day. Ask your catering team or the venue coordinator if they can or will. Sometimes it’s something you can add-on to your venue rental or your catering package.

If the catering or venue coordinator will not be setting up the reception, don’t panic. Though you and your bridesmaids can do it the day before, this can be stressful leading up-to the wedding day. Even having your mom do it leaves her frazzled and rushing to get dressed and ready in time. Having a wedding coordinator do it allows you to layout your decor vision weeks before so that the day before your wedding you can be relaxing with your bridesmaids getting a manicure and pedicure.

For our Joy Filled Occasions brides, I help create wedding inspiration boards. From colors, to flowers, small and large decor items I work to bring our brides ideas to life. I even work in special rentals when needed from my little stash. Working out the whole decor layout and how each bride envisions her reception months before the wedding not only ensures that I have captured her vision fully but allows the bride to move onto her next to-do knowing she can take one more thing off her list.

Now don’t think I will leave you brides hanging who just can’t bring in a wedding coordinator. Here are some tips for bring in family and friends to help.

I suggest assigning the job to someone you know rather well but won’t mind not being there while you are getting ready or is not a key player in the wedding party. Be sure to give them specific directions as to how you would like things to look. I would recommend setting up a few examples in your home and taking a few photos. This gives the person setting up an idea of what you are envisioning.

Another option is to create a few diagrams of what you are envisioning. Even if your stick figures are mediocre at best, as least it gets your thoughts on paper so you can work from there. Once on paper, it lets you brain wonder and you can create and re-create the layout or look. 

If you are unsure of what you would like, be sure to give your decorator some Pinterest ideas of things that inspire you. It doesn’t always have to be exactly what you want but some inspiration for the person helping set-up will go a long way.

If all else fails, call in an expert! That’s what were here for and it’s something I LOVE to do! 😉

Happy Decorating!