5 Ways to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

Unless you absolutely have your heart set on a summer wedding on a Saturday with a 7:00PM and a full corse dinner reception, here are a few ways to still have your dream wedding.

As a wedding planner and designer, part of my job is to help bring all of my couples dreams to life, but sometimes when looking at the numbers, there just isn’t enough in the budget. Today I want to share with your 5 ways to plan your wedding on a budget.

  • Have a brunch reception
  • Consider an off season wedding
  • Consider a lunch reception
  • Serve heavy appetizers and dessert
  • Plan a Friday or Sunday wedding

Each one of these options does come with a less traditional approach but a lot of vendors will offer discounts for weddings on days other than Saturday or for times of the year other than summer and fall.

While some might say it’s tacky to have a lunch reception, my husband and I did it and loved it! Yes, I had to get ready a little earlier than most but I was up with excited butterflies anyway so getting ready earlier kept me busy. The time I had from 6AM-7Am was already to much time, I emailed a bride on my wedding morning. hehe

If you would like to incorporate these ideas and more, I would be happy to chat and help you bring your day to life. Even if your not looking for a full planner or in need of coordination, I do have some A la Carte options for simply helping brides know what to do next or getting them on the right track to keep planning.